Nike Snowboarding’s Snake and Hammers At Montafon: The Video

Earlier this year, Nike Snowboarding debuted Snake & Hammers, a new competition that combines the speed of a banked slalom with the technical tricks of a slopestyle contest. Legends, pros and ams all gathered to witness the unique beast created by the Montafon park crew; along with the banks and turns they threw in a stairset, side-by-side kickers, a half-bowl, a snow tunnel, a halfpipe and a hip. The win was awarded to whichever riders snaked the fastest time down the course, while simultaneously dropping their best hammers on the park features. In the end, Christian Haller, Stephen Maurer and Peetu Piiroinen landed the men’s podium, with Spencer O’Brien, Nicola Thost and Aline Bock winning the women’s comp—best trick went to Jamie Nicholls.


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