Hash Heaven Films’ Alpha Omega Video Blog #2: Travels In Almaty

Kazakhstan is a country filled with diversity: in culture, in heritage, in language and in landscape—in frequency TSJ #10.3, Jerome Tanon discovered these complexities while exploring the former Soviet state. Almaty, the location of Hash Heaven Films’ latest edit, is Kazakhstan’s former capital, located in the mountainous southern region of the country. The team laps the park at a nearby resort, throwing down every thinkable jib variation before heading into Almaty’s city streets for some urban hammers. Featuring Alexey Batmanov, Nikolay Grinev, Slava Abramov, Ilya Verxoturov and Sasha Xomyshky. Filmed by Alexey Naimyshin and Maksim Verxoturov.

Hash Heaven Fims. Alpha Omega, blog # 2, Trip to Almaty from Hash Heaven Films on Vimeo.


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