CHECKtheMovie: Brought to you by CHECKtheFeed.com

CHECKtheFeed.com presents this year’s feature film, CHECKtheMovie. Clips include pros shredding the mountains all the way from Sugarbush to Salt Lake City to Whistler. Check out the east coast style that these riders bring to the scene.

Filmed and/or edited by Johnny Hancheck, Nick Bartram, Darin Alcolea, Jake Seymour, Ryan Sheetz, Liam McKinley and Alex MacDonald.

Check out:

Eric “Boobs” Buczek: 0:47
Colton Boehlke: 3:00
Evan Sheridan: 4:54
Johnny Hancheck: 8:29
Sam Watson: 10:24
Homies: 11:17
Kyle Gola: 12:14
SnowMen: 12:46
DrinkBlood: 13:41
Andrew Baker: 14:45
Credits: 17:46


CHECKtheMovie presented by CHECKtheFeed.com from CHECKtheFeed.com on Vimeo.


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