Bone Zone A.D. Back From The Dead

The Bone Zone, a magical and mysterious place in the mountains above Salt Lake City. Smack dab in the middle of a national forest, the Bone Zone has had a few run-ins with the fuzz. After a recent incident involving some chainsaw-weilding forest rangers, the snowboard community rallied behind its woes to mourn the loss of this hand-built snowboard park, but their cries were shortlived. The Lunch Ramp Gang made this edit, Bone Zone A.D. to prove that the B.Z. isn’t dead yet, and yes, it is still rad.

It features all the regular Bone Zoners and a few randos, Borland, Alex Andrews, Chris Grenier, all the fellas.

Bone Zone A.D. from lunch ramp gang on Vimeo.


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