Search For a Cool Place: A Movie About Snowboarding and Some Strange Trips

Contributor, Liam Gallagher spent last season travelling with a gang of notoriously adventurous snowboarders filming his new movie, “Search For a Cool Place.” Chronicling the journeys, places and personalities of these riders, “SFACP” holds a unique spirit, one of high mountains, long nights spent in campers and summit cabins, trains, busses, exploring unfamiliar places and ripping pow.

Liam spent the winter travelling around in a bus inspired by Ken Keasy and the Band of Merry Pranksters. It’s the perfect formula for a snowboard movie. The trips that these guys get into are all time, and Liam gives us an intimate look into the rider’s minds as they find themselves in new environments. When it all comes down to a close, it’s about these guys doing what they love: travelling, being with the homies, and riding as much as possible.

Liam wrote a feature on his trip through Las Vegas with Jake O-E, Nick Dirks, the Burki Brothers and Dom Morelli for this season’s first issue of frequency TSJ.

Featured riders include: Mark Landvik, Wyatt Stasinos, Cory Stasinos, Nick Russell, Forrest Burki, Ryland Bell, Shaun McKay, Lucas Debari, Kael Martin, Alex Yoder, Blake Paul, Nick Dirks, Jake Olson Elm, Harry Kearny, Luke Thorington, Brendan Keenan, Jason Robinson, Ralph Backstrom and many more…

Thought provoking, fun and creative; it’s everything you can expect from Mr. Liam O. Gallagher. Enjoy.

Search For A Cool Place from Liam Gallagher on Vimeo.


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