Afterhours II Full Movie: East Coasters Gone West

Way back in 2011 Ian Post and the Afterhours crew made their maiden voyage across the country from Vermont in search of spots and good times. With one year under their belts they were ready to get back on the road. Afterhours II is the product of their journey. Greatness is inevitable when you put a bunch of East Coast dogs in a car with their snowboards.

From East to West, West to East and many places in between, sleeping on couches and cars, breaking out the camera and putting it down at every spot, the Afterhours crew is on the come up and aren’t stopping for anything. Inluding many a Vermonter, the crew is Riley Nickerson, Yale Cousino, Luke Haddock, John Murphy, Zack Wilmot, Ozzy Henning, Jeff Deforge, Phil Tardif, Nic Marcoux, Steve Lauder, Nils Mindnich, Hans Mindnich, Ralph Kucharek & a whole bunch of friends. Enjoy.

AFTERHOURS II from Ian Post on Vimeo.


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