Alpha Omega: A Siberian Snowboard Film

What do you know about snowboarding in Siberia? Not much, eh? Watch this video and you’ll know everything you need to. It’s pretty sweet. Guys are sliding sideways on rocks, jumping around in powder snow, doing crazy rail stunts; all the good stuff, but in Siberia.

Hash Heaven Films is proud to present “Alpha Omega,” a full length movie about snowboarding, featuring Nikolay Grinev, Stepan Artemev, Alexey Batmanov, Viktor Teimurov, Artem Teimurov, Ilya Verxotyrov, Slava Abramov, Sergey Zuzuk, Tolya Ivanov, Sasha Xomushky, and friends! There’s some heavy riding, great music, and good vibes. Consume and enjoy.

“Alpha Omega”. Snowboard movie from Siberia from Hash Heaven Films on Vimeo.


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