Geoff Brown Full Part: Exploring Whistler B.C.

Geoff Brown here, reminding us that floaty front 3’s and layed out backflips are timeless staples in a well rounded trick list. He moved to Whistler on a mission to progress and get out there, but that was years ago. Now he’s looking like a seasoned vet. with powerful jump skills and a classic style. Note the way he pokes his grabs on the numerous backside 180s woven into this part of backcountry hammers.

Geoff found himself filming with Japan’s Heart Films, a production company started by Tadashi Fuse to highlight Japanese riders. We aren’t sure how Geoff came into the mix, but we sure are glad he did!

Heart Films vol.7: Geoff Brown Full Part from HEART FILMS on Vimeo.


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