ICKS Knucklehead Teaser: Thrashing Upstate New York

ICKS is an acronym for Ice Coast Kills Shit, the chosen title of a group of snowboarders based out of Hunter, NY. Infamous for building some of the gnarliest hell tracks the northeast has ever seen and throwing one of the most legendary rail ragers in Upstate NY history, it’s safe to say that when these guys put their minds to something it comes out heavy and proper. Their first feature film, “Dingbat” hit the East Coast like a airborne virus, and now they’re back with another full length feature of raw, homemade street riding filmed in their back yard in NY.

Check out the teaser, and then check out our interview with, Jasper Kahn, a park builder and long time member of ICKS in frequency TSJ Issue #11.4.

KNUCKLEHEAD Teaser from IceCoastKillsShit on Vimeo.


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