The Bees Knees Ep. 2 Nick Dirks: Grinding Metal to The Misfits

Nick Dirks’ unpredictable nature leads to varying results, from dull edges to wet long underwear. He just wants to thrash, go fast, smoke butts, play with fireworks and back lip a chained up rail looking like a murdered out luchador. Skate style street boarding and a good time —that’s what you get with this edit of street footage and antics from last season by K2 Snowboarding.

The folks at K2 Snowboarding are dropping edits from their team riders every Thursday, so stay tuned for more. Also, be sure to check out what Nick Dirks got up to in Las Vegas with Jake O.E., Forrest Burki and Liam Gallagher in freqequency TSJ Issue 11.1.

If you missed the first two edits from K2, we have Lucas Debari and Jordan Mendenhall’s full parts poted for your viewing pleasure.



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