Travis Rice, Red Bull And Brain Farm Announce Production On New Multi-Year Film Project

Amidst the hype of another three-movie epic, Travis Rice, along with Red Bull Media House and in association with Brain Farm Digital Cinema has announced that production has begun on a multi year followup to his last film, “The Art Of Flight”. With this announcement comes the assurance that the crew is dedicated to pushing the limits of what is technologically possible in film making today.

“We’ve spent almost 2 years now on pre-production and logistical planning for this film,” says Curt Morgan, Founder of Brain Farm Digital Cinema. “Between scouting new locations, developing our storyline, and working on the creative aspects, I feel the time invested will be the differentiating factor in this production.”

You might wonder how much more they can push the technology and approach to filming a snowboard trip, but if you witnessed “That’s It That’s All” and it’s follow up, “The Art of Flight” you’ll know that these guys have every tool available for high quality production, and always produce!

Let the wait begin.



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