Border Crossing: Spring Sessions at Mt. Seymour

We rolled up to the Canadian border in dude-packed cars that reeked of boot-stank and cigarettes. It was late March. Our PNW pow days were becoming less frequent, but spring boarding was on, and we chose to travel north. Day trips to Vancouver, BC from northwest Washington are easier than a trip to DMV, and the payoff is infinitely more enjoyable. So we set up our park boards and headed to the closest locale for spring boarding north of the border: Mt Seymour.

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Photos: Tommy Delitto

Mt. Seymour is a small mountain located less than thirty minutes outside downtown Vancouver. The city’s diverse population treats it like their backyard hill (because it is) and are quick to recall how busy it was in 2010 when Seymour hosted multiple events in the Vancouver Winter Olympics. With interesting terrain, backcountry access, some steeps, some mellows and a well-maintained terrain park, it has a little something for everyone throughout the season. But in the spring time, when the trails are mushy and the park is in prime condition, it’s a freestyle feast fit for fast-lapping party boarding.

Our crew came from Seattle and Bellingham. We linked Ben Maki, Collin Whelan, Clayton Schlegg, Tommy Delitto and Brian Somers together to capture the essence of spring breaking at Seymour. The sessions were full of slush-induced sending. Alex Stathis and a gang of locals threw snowballs at us from a perch above the rail section. It was clearly their turf. Many snowboarders dream of having a place like Seymour as their home mountain. It’s close to town, covered in cliffs, bumps, berms and all sorts of varying terrain and it has the homey atmosphere of a small mountain.

These missions were an aggressive segue out of winter. Summer sessions at Mt. Hood or Whistler were next for the lucky ones, but we’re all waiting for next winter, when Seymour will be covered in wet and heavy powder. Knock on wood, eh?

Thanks to Mt. Seymour and Emmalee Brunt. We will be back.

Edit featuring Ben Maki, Collin Whelan and Brian Somers
Camera: Clayton Schlegg Edit: Collin Whalen and Clayton Schlegg


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