Traktor-Brød Part 1: Documenting Gnorweigan Snowboarding

Ever wonder what the Norweigan snowboard scene was all about? The decidedly Scando crew at Pilchard Productions is here to show you through the web series of Traktor-Brød. Plus it’s got Terje in it… the full details:

“Traktor-Brød is a two-part showcase of snowboarding in Norway. With the ever-increasing level of modern snowboarding, and huge spins and corks commonplace and regularly viewed in contests and videos, Traktor-Brød avoids the trick-heavy approach and instead focuses on style within riding and the stunning Norwegian landscapes surrounding the locales featured.

Part 1 takes places in the snowpark of Vierli over the long winter of 2013/14, on park features by Emil Fossheim/Mushroom Crew and featured riders (in order of appearance) Len Roald Jørgensen, Terje Håkonsen, Øivind Fykse, Mats Hofgaard, Jonas Steen and Odd Roar Solerød.

With Part 2 (coming soon) comes summer and the slush of the Folgefonna glacier in the west.”

Traktor-Brød Part 1 from Pilchard Productions on Vimeo.


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