Asymbol Opens Doors on New Jackson Hole Gallery

Our friends at Asymbol opened the doors on their tasteful new Jackson Hole, WY gallery this past saturday. As the predominant purveyors of fine art collected from the snow/surf/skate world, we encourage stopping by when you are in Jackson, or checking them out and/or making a purchase online at asymbol.co. More on the new gallery:

nulltrice_gallery.jpg“Asymbol has opened the doors to its new Art + Essentials gallery and retail space, located in downtown Jackson, Wyoming. Asymbol was founded by pro snowboarder Travis Rice and artist Mike Parillo in 2009 to showcase art and a curated selection of apparel and merchandise from surf, snow and skateboarding subculture.

The new Asymbol Art + Essentials gallery is housed in an 8000 sq ft. retail and commercial space. To create a truly unique offering, Asymbol collaborated with board sports retailer Jackson Treehouse on this concept. The two companies share adjacent spaces, and visitors can pass seamlessly between the gallery and retail areas. In addition to original art, limited edition prints, apparel and merchandise, the spaces feature many of Travis Rice’s personal objects showcasing his professional career and journeys around the world.

Asymbol represents artists and photographers such as: Jamie Lynn, Mike Parillo, Adam Haynes, Jimmy Chin, Dean Blotto Grey, Todd Glaser, Cole Barash, Hydro 74, Trent Mitchell, Corey Smith, Tim Zimmerman and Ari Marcopoulos.

‘Since the day Asymbol began, it’s been our dream to create a space where art, passion and board riding culture intersect, showcasing this company’s unique and electrifying vision for the world.

Our community of artists and adventurers is fueling a movement of innovation and expression unlike any other. As we’ve carved out our presence online, our desire to truly connect with each other has become increasingly essential.

For years, we searched for the ideal spot to house our dream gallery – a physical space for Asymbol to call home, and a meeting place where our art and stories can be shared with our friends around the globe.

In the shadows of Wyoming’s immense Teton Mountain Range, we found just the right location. Over the past several months, teams of contractors and artisans worked tirelessly to help us make this dream a reality.

Home to Asymbol’s co-founder Travis Rice, along with some of the most adventurous and passionate individuals we know, it is with great pride that we announce the new Asymbol Art + Essentials gallery, located in the heart of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.'”

And don’t forget to look for more collaborative subscription specials and editorial features in the coming months.


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