Good Times With “The Badseeds”

Progression doesn’t always lie within the number of spins or corks a rider can throw in a jump-line. But a double cork on a fish tail, that’s something new. The guys over at Nitro just dropped the trailer for their newest team video, “The Badseeds.” The trailer features a bunch of unique snowboarding, like getting buck on park jumps with said swallowtail board at 1:08, as well as some crazy urban riding throughout the first half of the edit (check that hand drag at 0:33). It looks like a nice balance of fun and intensity, we’re stoked to see the full video.

Featuring: Eero Ettala, Shane Wright, Nils Anderson, Sam Taxwood, Bryan Fox, Benny Urban, Austin Smith, Markus Keller, Dominik Wagner, Knut Eliassen, Marc Swodoba, Torgeir Bergem, Marco Grigis, Sven Thorgen, Elias Elhardt.


Nitro Snowboards Presents: The Bad Seeds Teaser from Spoon on Vimeo.


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