Old Dog, Huge Tricks: Cam Pierce’s 2014 Full Part

Being a North Carolina native, Cam Pierce would not have been the most obvious candidate in becoming a snowboarder that would grace the rest of the sport’s followers with mind-blowing footage for years and years. From his days filming with the likes of Stevie Bell, Niko Cioffi (who has actually got a cameo in this edit) and other Forum legends to his time with Endeavor Snowboards and 686, Pierce has earned a top-spot in conversations about snowboarding’s all-time gnarliest urban riders. Despite the fact that his dues have already been paid, Pierce is still out there pushing his limits, and everyone else’s, for what is possible on a snowboard. The rail to rail transfers at both 0:35 and especially at 1:21 are completely mental. The last trick in this segment? Absolutely bangin! In his 2014 full part, Pierce shows that old dogs are clearly capable of learning some new tricks, and that his generation of riders hasn’t clocked out just yet.

Cam Pierce : Full Part 2014 from Endeavor Snowboard Design on Vimeo.


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