Powder, Waves And Concrete: Yonefilm’s 8MM Movie “Live Naturally”

Snowboarders riding through powder, skaters shredding concrete and surfers ripping big waves — although they may have their differences, all board-sport enthusiasts can relate in their chase of the high that progressing in their preferred sport gives them. Japan-based Yonefilm released another trailer for their newest movie, “Live Naturally,” which aims to encapsulate that feeling of adrenaline fueled happiness that is only attained through stomping a new trick. Shot entirely on 8MM film, the movie has a more classic, rather than visually stunning, feel. By incorporating various lifestyle, surf, snowboard and skateboard footage, the trailer for “Live Naturally” displays the ties between the sports’ cultures, and the use of 8MM film encourages the viewer’s recognition that these various board-sports spawned off and were influenced by each other in their beginning’s.


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