Rooting For The Under Dawgs: The “Video Mixtape” Trailer

Heavy slamming, gnarly landings and a frontside boardslide up a double-kink (0:54) — just a few of the shots previewed in the “Video Mixtape” trailer released by the Under Dawgs. This video looks to be full of some instense, high-consequence riding. Take a look.

Featuring: Gus Warbington, Jesse Gouveia, Dan “Vinny” Vinzant, Corey Schneider, Sammy Spiteri, Michael Wick, Brady Lem, Max Tokunaga, Gared Schneider, Brandon Sakiewicz, Durell Williams, Jordan Morse & Blake Geis.

Sponsored by: Burton, Gnu No Coast Outre, Airblaster, Salomon, Milo Sport & Nitro.

Video Mixtape Teaser from Colt Morgan on Vimeo.


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