The Wild, Wild Midwest: Part 1 Of Celtek’s Full Video “Nothing To Prove”

Last season was a painful one for many of the Celtek team riders. “The level of riding is pretty high and pretty intense,” says Bjorn Leines. “This year the team, like, a lot of homies got broke off.”

With Dan Brisse breaking his collarbone, Leines breaking two wrists in one fall, along with a handful of other bone cracking and body bruising slams, the Celtek team had some rough luck in regards to injuries this past season.

Nevertheless, the team was able to walk away with enough shots to create their latest full movie, “Nothing To Prove.” Instead of having full parts from individual riders, Celtek is releasing segments from their video that showcase the team and their friends riding together.

Featuring: Bjorn Leines, Aaron Biittner, Chris Grenier, Krister Ralles, Mark “Deadlung” Edlund,
Riley Nickerson, Lucas Magoon, Ben Bilodeau, Brandon “Buff Moose” Hammid, Drew
Poganski, Sam Taxwood, Bode Merrill, Griffen Siebert, Randy “Killer” Vannurden, Shane
Ruprecht, Kazu Kokubo, Ted Borland, Johnny Lazzareschi, Jeremy Jensen, Zac Marben,
Cody Beiersdorf, Austin Young, Cale Zima, Erik Leines & Dan Brisse.


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