Wet and Wyld: Wyld Instinct’s Slushy Summer At Mt. Hood

Slushy park laps, innovative setups and, of course, going shirtless under an open-vested onesie — Wyld Instinct’s summer at Mt. Hood in a nutshell. This edit’s release closely follows the full-length video ,”Tortoise,” that the Wyld Instinct crew (in association with Boardshop 5420) premiered online in early August. The crew’s filmer, editor, and director, Ryan Finder, has clearly been on his grind behind the lens and in editing. Nice work boys.

Featuring: Jack Reid, Kyle Roles, Thomas Graham, Jordan Frager, Aaron Kiser, Dylan Hallowell, Jeff DeForge, Ian Sullivan, Jake Aaronson, Corey Caswell, Matt Robinson, Eythan Frost, Ryan Finder, Andy Glader & Justus Hines

Wyld Instinct // Summer at Mt Hood 2014 from WYLD INSTINCT on Vimeo.


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