Whistler’s Coldfront: A Blackcomb-Based Battle For $10K

Whistler Blackcomb will be hosting an online video competition featuring six local film crews, each competing in a knock out battle with the champion walking away with $10,000. Each crew handpicked their athletes and had the whole 2013/2014 season to film. The contest requires each edit to consist of at least 70 percent of content filmed on terrain within Whistler Blackcomb’s ski area boundary during regular operating hours.This allows the crews to include 30 percent of the content in their edits from footage shot in the backcountry, so long as it was filmed within 100 kilometers of Whistler.

The film crews include:

Olliepop Films: Originally hailing from Australia, currently based in Whistler. The crew is well known for their webisode series “Oi Mate!” and “When in Whistler.”

Heart Films: Founded by Tadashi Fuse, Heart Films is a team made up mostly of Japanese riders based in Whistler. Their current principal filmer/editor, Keiji Tajima, has been documenting in the Whistler backcountry for over a decade.

Geoff Hewat: Hewat grew up in Ontario skiing competitively for the Ontario Mogul Team. After graduating highschool he came to his senses and moved to Whistler to learn how to ski park and pow. Hewat is well known for starting the web-series “Westward,” which one the Newschoolers.com TV Pilot Project in 2012.

Graeme Mieklejohn: 24-year-old Vancouver, B.C. native Graeme Mieklejohn is most well known in the snowboard world for his work with PYP.

Ryan Kenny & Benjamin Webb: Kenny, 29, grew up skateboarding and snowboarding in Terrace Bay, Ontario before going onto work as an intern at Sandbox Films with Kevin Sansalone.

Webb moved from Calgary, AB to Whistler in 2010 and won Rookie of the Year with his first ever entry in the 2010 Whistler Heavy Hitting B-Grade Horror Festival. Since then, Webb has filmed with Absinthe Films, Red Bull and Poor Boyz Productions.

Nuulife Cinema: A Whistler based snowboard crew responsible for more than a few Canadian snowboard films and online edits, including the new “Wildlife” series.

We are stoked to see what these film crews have been able to cook up. It’s got to be something nice and hot if they expect to take home the cash and be declared winners of the Coldfront!


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