Constantly Moving: “Nomad 2 of 3: En Route” By adidas Snowboarding

During the season, every minute of the day and ounce of energy an avid rider’s body can spare is dedicated to snowboarding, Louif Paradis explains. “All these little moments of work are geared at riding,” he says,” to try something you’ve never done. It’s what makes it worth it.” For part two of adidas Snowboarding‘s three-part “Nomad” video series, the team displays a wide array of skillful riding, from Louif back tailsliding up-rails in the streets to Kazu Kokubo ripping with his classis steeze through slushy pipe runs, and even some powder slaying with storm chaser Eric Jackson. His butter to 360 on that drop at 6:49 is super stylish, as well as completely mental.



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