Jib Heavy With Grindhouse: “Hallucinate” Full Movie

The Grindhouse crew went hard on their urban grind last season, stacking some pretty intense clips to make up their latest full video, “Hallucinate.” The crew made a point to balance wreckless badassism with technical skill, and ended up walking away with some amazing shots. That pretzel out at 13:00 is a prime example — check it out.

Featuring: Will Smith, Andy Nudds, Ollie Dutton, Jonny Russell, John Weatherley, Ben Wall, Angus Leith, Jonny Pickup, Sparrow Knox and Gareth Andrews.

Sponsored by Vans, adidas Snowboarding, Burton Snowboards, Analog Clothing, Dragon Alliance, HOWL, Rome SDS & Endeavor Snowboards.

Grindhouse – Hallucinate Full Film from 9 Milli Media on Vimeo.


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