Vigorous Videography: “Higher Unplugged” Episode 11

It’s easy to be in awe of an amazing snowboard action shot and to feel impressed by professional riding in a video. But while riders revel in that glory, the true unsung heroes of snowboard films are the people behind the camera lenses. In the latest episode of “Higher Unplugged,” the behind the scenes series of Jeremy Jones and Teton Gravity Research‘s film “Higher,” the crew gives viewers an insight on the hard labor and dedication that the film crews put in to capturing a great moment on film. Lugging around hundreds of pounds of camera equipment, hiking to and waiting in the best locations to shoot from and even just keeping their camera lenses clear are only a few examples of the challenges these filmers deal with. “Just getting to that spot where they get to turn their camera on and press record is such a mission,” Jones says.


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