Beer Goggles: Pabst Blue Ribbon x Airblaster

Beer goggles is an interesting concept. The term beer goggles, in this case, is not in reference to the altered perceptions of another person’s looks that one may experience in a state of alcohol induced intoxication. Rather, the phrase in this instance refers to the Pabst Blue Ribbon x Airblaster goggle box set, complete with a snowman kit to help spread the joy of winter. Over the past few years, PBR’s Lifestyle Marketing Manager Steve Nilsen has worked in collaboration with numerous snowboard brands to create various products that promote the unity of beer and boarding.

Because, let’s face it, where would snowboarding be without beer? Solely slalom courses, that’s where.

Thanks PBR and Airblaster for the care package and for keeping things upbeat. Here’s to a powdery winter, and a set of beer goggles that we won’t regret wearing the morning after!



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