Park Shenanigans: Flux Presents “Snowboarding To Music – Northstar”

For part two of Flux Bindings’ “Snowboarding To Music” web series the team heads to Northstar to session its top-notch park in slushy springtime conditions. Instead of sessioning 60 ft kickers and huge, death defying rails, the guys opt to ride the park’s more casual features, giving each of the riders a chance to exhibit their style and the comfortable connection they have with their snowboard. Yuma Abe scores the ender with a part that showcases spiderman-like abilities. The spin in, spin out wallride trick he does to end the edit is mindblowing.

Scotty Vine, Erik Leon, Ian Sams, Ryan Tarbell, Yuma Abe, Tyler Lynch, Shaun Murphy, Alex Hereford, Blake Axelson & Zack Wlimot.



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