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Photos: Katsuhide Fujio/Snowsurf.

For the past two years, award-winning Australian surf photographer Shane Peel has been living on the island of Hokkaido, specifically in Niseko to work on his Fall 2015 Ultra-HD Release entitled Snowsurf. The film is a look inside snowsurf culture, which based around the snowboard designs and riding style of Japan’s Taro Tamai and the riders who subscribe to that style, which was featured in frequency TSJ Issue #12.1. Snowsurf has spent two full years in production and has borne witness to the increasing volume of cross pollination into the broader snowboarding and surfing community.

As the snowboarding community enters the later stages of its third generation, the popularity of the snowsurf style of riding is seeing a surging uptake as maturing riders look for a less punishing form of the pursuit and a deeper connection to what it means to be a snowboarder.

The film features Gentemstick guru Taro Tamai, Pipeline legend Gerry Lopez, 2 x World Longboarding Champion Beau Young, Jackson Hole’s Alex Yoder and the main cast of Japanese snowsurf icons such as Osamu Okada, Makto Yamada, Kenichi Miyashita, Par Dahlin and Hidehiko Wajima. An alternative take on the traditional snow film, Snowsurf focuses on the aspects of this style of riding that are often overlooked in other parts of the media.

The film is now in the final stages of production and frequency TSJ will be bringing you monthly looks behind the scenes of the film as well as exclusive clips in the lead up to the global fall release. Stay tuned and follow @ssmjapan on Instagram and Snowsurf on facebook for more.


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