Lib Tech & Gnu Storm The East Coast: “Here’s Ya F’n Weekend Guy…Again”

This past winter riders from both Lib Tech and Gnu raged through some of the east coast’s most prominent parks, Loon and Waterville’s, jibbing and jumping their way through fun, progressive sessions. “Here’s Ya F’n Weekend Guy…Again,” presented by Lick The Cat, is the end result of their entertaining endeavor.

Featuring: Mark “Back in the park” Landvik, Dave “Slowest Time Get’s the Doubt Fit” Marx, Brandon “Big Hip Player” Reis, Ted “I’d Puke If I Could Eat” Borland, Tucker “A Monks Tit” Andrews and Erik “I Have a Question” Karlsson, Max “Drake Is My Co-pilot” Warbington & Gus “White Heat” Warbington.

Gnu / Lib Tech’s “Here’s Ya F’n Weekend Guy… Again” from BIGJERM on Vimeo.


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