Pat Moore’s “Blueprint” Season 2 Finale: “The Everyone Ender”

No matter the terrain being ridden, Pat Moore (featured in issue 12.4 of frequency:TSJ) can snowboard at a world-class level. Whether he’s hitting street spots with Jake Welch, sending it off jumps with John Jackson or freeriding with Jamie Lynn, Moore can hang with snowboarding’s top dogs in any environment. That guy sure is one cool cat. The finale of “Blueprint” season 2 is hammers on hammers with nearly 10 minutes of glorious shred. What a way to wrap it up.

Featuring: Pat Moore, Jake Welch, Nicolas Muller, John Jackson, Jeremy Jones, Seth Huot, Zach Normandin, Jake Blauvelt, Arthur Longo, Jamie Lynn, Ben Ferguson & Bryan Iguchi.


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