A Change Of Plans: Wyld Instinct Presents “The Hare” Full Movie

A rider’s winter plans are often made in advance, but the weather really doesn’t care about what you have scheduled. Complaining about a lack of snowfall has, and probably always will be, a common plight in the realm of snowboarding. Although things don’t always work out how we expect, as snowboarders we have to adapt and embrace the conditions that befall us. This year Wyld Instinct had their sites set on the streets, hopeful to create a video teaming with a combination of both urban and park clips, similar to their first full length film, “Tortoise.” The west coast’s snow conditions never really came around to make that happen, but it didn’t stop these guys from doing what they ultimately love: snowboarding, filming and producing one hell of a video.

The Hare / Wyld Instinct 2015 from WYLD INSTINCT on Vimeo.


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