For The People By The People: AJ Ogden and Loren Exon “Rock ‘N’ (b)Roll 2015”

Snowboarding isn’t always 75ft kickers and quad-kinks, that’s the more of the glamorous, uber-pro side of it, which is gnarly as hell, but can be hard to relate to. The reality is that conditions don’t always provide, or some times small-mountain parks are under-funded, but as long as people are out there snowboarding and having a good time, the spirit of snowboarding is alive and well. Here’s a recap of AJ Ogden and Loren Exon’s season, a true example of making the best out of what you’ve got.

A.J. Ogden | Loren Exon | Rock ‘N’ (b)Roll 2015 from UNHLY Supply Things on Vimeo.


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