Useful For Stoke: “Rendered Useless” Teaser

Spearheaded by filmers Jon Stark, Eli Olson and Matt Roberge, the Rendered Useless crew has acquired an eclectic group of riders, all with various backgrounds. After an all-time winter on the East Coast (where many of these riders live) the compiled footage reveals creative tricks, high-consequence spots, and about the worst hang-up we’ve ever seen. It might not have the high-budget film sense, but it will make you want to snowboard just as much as any video, if not more.

Featuring: Mike Rav, Mary Rand, Johnny Brady, Dan “Vinny” Vinzant, Parker Szumowski, Jayell White, Jordan Morse, Jacob Krugmire, Bar Dadon, Cole Navin, Andrew Aldridge, Jake OE, Ethan Deiss, Ian Boll, Nick Doucette, Jesse Gouveia, Christian Buling, Zander Blackmon, Miles Fallon and friends.

rendered useless teaser from rendered useless on Vimeo.


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