Cali King: Ryan Tarbell’s Full Part From “686 Seconds”

Big Bear local Ryan Tarbell, a.k.a. the Cali King, knows a thing or two about skateboard influenced snowboarding. Where others may employ a “spin it to win it” mentality, Ryan will pop a lofty ollie and let the style of it all speak for itself. And he’s the first person this year to have a clip of himself getting hit by a car after landing a trick. By the way he got up and stomped it out next try, it’s hard to determine who was more hurt: him or the car. All in all, this dude is a badass in the streets. See for yourself in his full part from 686’s latest full length film, “686 Seconds.”

686 Seconds Feature Presentation: Ryan Tarbell from 686 Technical Apparel on Vimeo.


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