Escaping The Contest Circuit: Sage Kotsenburg’s “The Other Side” Episodes 1 And 2

After spending the better part of his life competing in the contest circuit, Olympian Slopestyle Gold Medalist Sage Kotsenburg was in need of an escape from the scene. Now he’s decided it’s time to explore other aspects of snowboarding and gain a new perspective on the sport. In episode one of “The Other Side,” Sage discusses his feelings on competing as a snowboarder and gives insight as to why he’s leaving it behind.

The second episode features Sage on his first few non-competitive snowboard adventures, including trips to Russia and Bosnia while on the hunt for unique street spots. By the control and creativity he displays in the second episode, it’s clear that Sage’s skills in the park will serve him well in the streets. Knowing that he’s a jumper too, it’ll be interesting to see how things go in the backcountry. But until then, enjoy this urban onslaught.


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