Freshly Brewed Street Smarts: “Americana” Full Movie

The guys over at L1 Premium Goods just released “Americana” in full, and it is one of the heaviest street focused films to hit the Internet as of late. With the production quality as high as it is, it’s hard to believe this is the first full length movie they’ve ever produced. Between the horrid slams and mind-blowing makes, “Americana” is a wild ride that will have you on the edge of your seat… and occasionally hiding your eyes behind your hands.

Featuring: Brandon Hammid, Sam Taxwood, Dominik Wagner, Blake Geis, Billy Mackey, Justin Keniston, Zebbe Landmark & Lizard King.

Film & Edit: Cole Taylor.

L1 Premium Goods Presents: Americana from L1 PREMIUM GOODS on Vimeo.


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