Grindhouse: Afterlife Full Film from Northern Europe | Featuring: Andy Nudds, Janne Lipsanen, Antti Jussila and more

If you’re in school this week then you may be starting to feel like a zombie during this dead week before finals, but don’t fret because Grindhouse is here to bring you into the Afterlife. The name is almost as hardcore as the trailer for their 4th film featuring Andy Nudds, Janne Lipsanen, Antti Jussila, Jonny Pickup, Zakke, Petrus Koskinen, Jamie Nicholls & Niko Länsiö. If you’re still looking to get pumped for the season then look no further and make sure to put down your drink before you watch this jaw-droppping trailer that will have you right at the edge of your seat as the crew throws down some absolutely mental bangers from the backcountry and streets of Austria and Finland. For a full 26 minute dose of blood-pumping, fist-clenching riding just rent the full-length film on vimeo without ever having to leave your couch. Trust me – you won’t want to.

Afterlife – Trailer (Full Movie now on Vimeo On Demand) from 9 Milli Media on Vimeo.


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