Nial Romanek opens up Think Thank’s “Methods of Prediction”: Full Part

Some riders focus on learning the newest trend of tricks to stuff their in the bag for the next contest, or finding the next pristine rail that looks like a Cali skate spot somehow got dumped on. Yet others try to shake things up a bit and go hunting for spots nobody else notices. The stone that the builder refused if you will. Nial Romanek is a perfect example of that latter group and it’s absolutely apparent in his pairing of spot usage and creative outlook in his opening part for Think Thank’s Method’s of Prediction. Where one rider might see a fence in the way of the rail, Nial sees opportunity to dig deeper, and where one might pass a child’s play thing in a playground, Nial sees a new way to reconnect with his youthfulness. Press play to be inspired and watch a little stroke of genius.

Nial Romanek in “Methods of Prediction” from Think Thank on Vimeo.


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