10 Shovels, 2 Kegs & A Box: Boardsworks Tech Shop’s Second Annual Box Jam – Video Recap

“Dude, where’s your car?”

“I don’t know, where’s my car dude?”

It was dumping at Mt. Baker. As we wrapped up a classic, wet powder day, frequency: TSJ’s editorial intern, Chris, and I merrily faltered our way through the White Salmon lot in search of my car. I threw my sopping wet jacket in the trunk and clambered into the driver’s seat with a smile on my face. Although, the grin quickly faded as I realized that snow dumping at Baker most likely meant rain pouring back in Bellingham, WA and our friends at Boardworks Tech Shop were hosting their second annual box jam in town that night.

For the week prior, a group of dedicated snowboarders shoveled and transported over 90 truckloads of snow to the back of the board shop in an attempt to set up the 18-foot flatbox in time for the jam. Admittedly, at times the effort seemed futile. Nearly three days worth of work were wiped out as temperatures rose and constant rainfall washed away a majority of the snow the shovelers had collected. Nonetheless, the optimistic troop carried on. And in the end, they prevailed.

Just before the start of the event, the pouring rain came to an unexpected stop. Above the shop the clouds cleared, and on the ground below a crowd formed. The kegs got tapped and the DJ started spinning – it was time to party.

And party we did. The IPA was flowing and dozens of riders lined up to session the box with old and new friends alike. With over 150 people in attendance, a congregation of snowboard enthusiasts both young and old, the jam was another solid example of what can be accomplished when a handful of hard-working, steadfast snowboarders come together for the sake of shred. Although the level of riding was early-season-mellow, the community’s stoke was off the charts. In the air around Boardworks Tech Shop that night there was a strong sense of togetherness, one that made us say, “You know, man? This is what it’s all about.”

Boardworks Box Jam 2015 from Chris Garcia on Vimeo.

Film & Edit: Chris Garcia Florez. Addtional footage: Michael Dyrland. Music: Bones.

A huge thank you to the owner of Boardworks Tech Shop, Johnny Lupo, as well as the following folks in no particular order: Bailey Harvin, Chris Grant, Marco Thody, Dustin Berman, Casey Sheridan, Sam Kenagy, Cameron Hamilton, William Born, Kaylen Coombs and everyone else we may have missed who offered their time, effort and stoke to make this event the fun time that it was.


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