A Second Crew Emerges: “The Other Guys @ Yawgoo Valley”

It must be the rope tow, or maybe there’s something in the water around Yawgoo Valley that produces incredible rail-riding snowboarders. The Yawgoons (featured in issue 12.3 of frequency: TSJ) put Rhode Island’s sole ski resort on the map, and now The Other Guys are backing them up with their own impressive web edits. Like the goons that came before them, these guys rip the valley’s rails like they’ve been lapping them 100 times a day since the start of winter (which, most likely they have).

Featuring: Kyle Gallup, Ben Caporelli, Brandon Fain & Allen Santucci.

Film/Edit: Brent McCarron. Additional film: Brendan Gouin & Marcus Rand.

The Other Guys @ Yawgoo Valley from brent mccarron on Vimeo.


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