Connections Film Teaser: A People and Planet Intertwined

In our modern day and age it’s easy to be distant from all the issues going on around us, and more specifically about the issue of climate change. Even though we are seperated by ginormous, powerful oceans, majestic mountains, or rolling plains we are always intertwined in the destiny of our only home and because of that we are all inherently connected to each other. Connections Film aims to explore these connections between man and nature, and mankind and itself in hopes of sparking thought provoking discussion and action about our current situation in a struggle we are all involved in. This is the first teaser, featuring powder boarding in Japan.

The Connections Film team includes filmers, photographers, and riders from around the globe such as: Rafael Pease, Alvaro Zurita, Jesse Levine, Tamo Campos, Brian Hockenstein, Halina Boyd, John Murihead, Greg Hansen.

Connections Film – Hokkaido B-shots teaser from Rafael Pease on Vimeo.


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