The Fast and the Funniest: “Hot Boy’n Boreal” Episodes 1 & 2

If you aren’t familiar with the term “hot boy’n” then you’re missing out. The Warp Wave “Hot Boy’n” web edits embody the epitome of snowboarding: having fun. Last year we saw the guys hot boy’n around Squaw Valley, and this year they take the heat to Boreal’s parks and groomers. Somebody call Johnny Tsunami, the surf comes up heavy with this crew.

Featuring: Felix Mobarg, Tucker Andrews, Johnny Brady, Jackson Fowler, Eric Messier, Taylor Carlton, Gray Thompson, Max Tokunaga & Alex Horgan.

Hot Boy’n Boreal from WARP WAVE on Vimeo.

Hot Boy’n Boreal 2 from WARP WAVE on Vimeo.


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