A Plethora Of Powder: Turn & Burn 2016: Part 1 – Snowpocalyse

The “Turn & Burn” boys are back, popping off episode one of their 2016 web series with this powdery edit. They put on quite a show with their 2014/2015 footage, and it looks like they’re firing with the same intensity this season. Andrew Burns headed to the Pacific to score some soft blower pow in Japan while Beau Bishop, Wiley Tesseo and Trevan Salmon take their sleds to Canada and score some amazing pillow lines near Revelstoke. Which terrain and snowpack do you think looks more appealing? Either seems pretty good from this perspective – just look at those face shots…

TURN & BURN 2016 – Part ONE – SNOWPOCALYPSE from TURN & BURN on Vimeo.


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