Mini Yawgoon Marianna Myers | The Bright Future of Women’s Snowboarding

I’m not even sure where to start on this one because I’m mostly blown away by the this 11 year old’s style. Sure, there are kids her age who can already throw a multitude of stock tricks that you would expect from them in any given slopestyle run, but not many of them are applying their creativity to riding in the way Marianna Myer does with hers. With the Yawgoons (featured in issue 12.3) as mentors, it comes as no surprise that she’s already got super stylish euro-carves in the bag. She puts lines together in the park that are forebearing of a bright future in the streets, and from the very first clip you can tell this young girl has some serious motivation. The future is looking extremely bright for women’s snowboarding.


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