Monday Minute 87 at Trollhaugen: A Wild Season Finale

This Monday Minute is from the final days of the season at Trollhaugen. In the spirit of making the most of what’s left of the 2015/16 winter, all of the heavy-hittin’ locals came out to ride. The crew takes advantage of of the slushy snow and creative park setup to showcase some mind-bending manuevers that will have you hitting that rewind button all throughout this four-minute banger. These boys are wild, plain and simple. Charging at mach speed with little regard for anything but adrenaline and style, these riders went in hard in their Midwest rail haven with transfer-disasters, technical jib wizardry that you’d assume one could only learn while studying at Hogwarts, and some slick butters that would have Paula Dean day dreaming of fluffy biscuits. There’s just no better way to say goodbye to the season than a slushy, bluebird day with all your friends, sending it big, and of course a BBQ to bring everyone together while reflecting on a great winter around the rope-tow. Don’t sleep on this one.

Featuring: Tony Wagner, Cody Beirsdorf, Benny Milam, Gabe Walstrom, Luke Zajac, Jake OE, Jordan Daniels, Logan Herber, Colin Wilson, Krister Ralles, Ryan Paul, Zach Monte, Austin Young, Tanner Seymour, Vinny, Cole Linzmeyer.

Monday Minute 87 from 1817 on Vimeo.


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