Oakley Mini Pipe Challenge At Mammoth – Hosted By The Flying Tomato

As of late we’ve seen a growing number of banked slalom and transition focused freestyle competitions – presumably inspired by the Legendary Banked Slalom and more recently, the highly popular Holy Bowly. Although his expertise lays within the U-shape of 22-foot walls, the Flying Tomato, a.k.a. Shaun White, helped to coordinate, host and judge Oakley’s Mini Pipe Challenge at Mammoth, CA. While riding a mini pipe may not look as difficult as taking on the behemoth that is a superpipe, it certainly does present its own array of challenges. Transitions are tight and airing to flat can make a rider’s knees more than just a little sore. This mini pipe also featured some tire bonks and jibs (similar to the Stunt Ditch we saw at the Stevens Pass Retro Fool’s Day event last weekend) for some additional trick potential and this cast of riders made the most of it.


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