Pillows and Powder in POV: “The #POINTOFBEAU Movie”

Beau Bishop repeatedly went huge while filming for the “Turn and Burn” web series’ second season, and apparently was wearing a GoPro on his head for a majority of it. He just released The #POINTOFBEAU Movie, a nine-minute POV edit showcasing some of the standout moments Beau had flipping around the park, freeriding deep snow and popping pillows with his friends throughout the winter. Jump on board (or forehead) with Beau and see what he sees while snowboarding–that is, when the vision isn’t completely obscured by powder filled face shots.

Also featuring: Chris Rasman, Matt Belzile, Wiley Tesseo, Andrew Geeves, Andrew Burns, Alex Cantin, Phil Jacques, Shin Campos, Rube Goldberg, Andre Benoit, Jody Wachniak, Robjn Taylor, Geoff Brown, Trevan Salmon, Johnny Brady Jr. & Cody Wilson.

The #POINTOFBEAU Movie from TURN & BURN on Vimeo.


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