If you’re looking for a group of badass women shredding the deep, then you’ve come to the right place. Powanoia is a short film showcasing a handful of ladies slashing their way through backcountry powder, dropping cliffs and sending kickers in a way that’s sure to silence any sexist in mere minutes. This isn’t “female snowboarding”–this is snowboarding, pure and simple.

A word about Powanoia from its creators: 

Powanoia can be described by a strong tendency to frontside slash or ride the perfect line, or medical mental illness that causes extreme feelings of air time. Powanoia is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by fresh snowfall, often to the point of dropping all responsibility and calling in sick to work.[1]

Riders: Fancy Rutherford, Madison Blackley, Christine Savage, Taylor Elliott, Hanna Eddy, Iris Lazzarichi, Riley Elliott, Melissa Riitano & Yui Sotoma.

Film and Edit Kieth Rutherford.

Additional Filmers Tyler Blackburn, Matt Hines, Tim Eddy, Moss Halladay, Nick Bliss
Ahmet Dadali, Madison Blackley, and Melissa Riitano.


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