In Memoriam: J2 Forever

"My Love Isn't Going Anywhere"

It’s with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Jason “J2” Rasmus, a widely beloved snowboarder who passed away last weekend after a hard fought battle with cancer. He was 46-years-old. J2 has been and will continue to be a legend in his own right, forever appreciated as a pioneer in the street snowboarding scene and beyond. Without much effort he was able to embody the style, drive, and happiness we seek in snowboarding, and in turn life itself.

Riders, filmers and friends who have been lucky enough to know J2 over the years are taking to social media to pay tribute to the iconic shredder. “I was always happy around J2, it was impossible not to be,” Mark “Deadlung” Edlund wrote on Instagram. “When he was on his journey to the other side today, I said to him ‘Yo, Tooz. I love you G. I’ll see you again.” He opened his eyes, and his response was perfect. He said “Ah, my love isn’t going anywhere.” 

See what others had to say about J2, and see that his love certainly isn’t leaving us anytime soon.

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❤️ J2 was the coolest dude ever. Hands down. Without a doubt. He taught me so many good/bad things, and I am a better person because of the time I spent with him, and all the insight he gave me on life, and all the bullshit that’s involved with it. I was always happy around J2, it was impossible to not be. If something wasn’t right he always had the best, and the most funny way to look at it. He made everything ok once he told you his perspective on it. When he was on his journey to the other side today I said to him “Yo, tooz. I love you G. I’ll see you again” he opened his eyes and his response was perfect. He said “Ah, my love isn’t going anywhere…” Jason Rasmus’s love definitely isn’t going anywhere, it will live on forever. J2 is more than a legend, he is a god. We are all going to miss you, Tooz. Thank you for all the good times, smiles and laughs. I love you forever G ?? (He took this photo of himself with a Hasselblad) ❤️

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Jason “J2” Rasmus ✨ Brainstorm ? @whiteymcc / @deucepiece

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When people use the sayings “he’s one in a million” or “He’s a real piece of work” they are talking about J2. Rest easy ma friend, I’ll always treasure your funny ass words of wisdom n awesome outlook on life.

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Best dude to cruise with if you like your face to hurt from excessive smiling. J2 wouldn’t stop until he had you giggling. It was also nearly impossible to get a straight answer out of him. The more questions you asked, the deeper he’d take you down the rabbit hole. Tangents were his speciality, and there was no such thing as a last word because you were out of breath from laughter. The world through his eyes was endless tinkering and circumventing anything that resembled a rule. Thanks for the ride Twos. ??

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In 1991 I met an incredibly hilarious, ripping skater from NYC who thought snowboarding was the dumbest thing ever. A couple weeks later he gave snow shredding a shot anyway and turned pro a few hours later (and remained pro for over 20 years). J2 aka Jason Rasmus aka @deucepiece effortlessly ruled everything he did in life with unmatched style and pizzazz. Now he’s gonna rule everything in the afterlife. I love you Tooz!

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Snowboarding influenced my life more than anything else. The characters in its long history has also played a huge role for me. I watched all of the movies and picked up every snowboard magazine which captured my heroes. J2 was most certainly one of them, larger than life veteran of snowboarding. I’m glad I had the chance to be there and see his friends and family rally around him and share their love through it all.

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Rest In Peace 2’s. You were the ol head who I learned a lot from as a young snowboarder coming into the world and while many of the generation I grew up on and was inspired by moved on to other things 2’s stuck around to pass on the torch and teach us. the world lost one of the realest last night to this thing called cancer who takes so many of our loved ones. You will never be forgotten for your love,your comedy and your skills on the technics or a snowboard #StayMinted

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If talking shit was a sport. He was the Michael Jordan of it. Rest easy J2. Gone early but he the had the personality of 10 lifetimes. ? @whiteymcc #fuckcancer #j2

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