SNOWCIETY – St. Moritz, Switzerland

What’s normal anyways? Take an incredibly unique view at St. Moritz, Switzerland, where snowboarders mix with the brainwashed bourgeoisie in a beautifully chaotic–nay, symphonic–fashion.

A film by Kris Lüdi

Production: HILLTON
Producer: David Müller
Director: Kris Lüdi
DP: Daryl Hefti
AC: Roland Ogg
Editor: Bela Adami 
Colorist: Yves Roy Vallaster
Graphic Design: Boris Stoll
Music Treatment: Alban Schelbert
SD & Sound Mix: Jingle Jungle

Special thanks: Ivo Flurin, Pascal Zimmermann, Andri Stoisser, Severin Niggli, Weli Torriani, Men Schmidt, Armando Guetg, Roman Lauer, Colin Schmid


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