Frank Jobin – Stay Tuned Raw Clips

A lot of work goes into filming a video part. With so much footage on the web these days, it’s easy to get a little numb to how amazing some of it really is. That’s why it’s refreshing to sit back and watch some raw footage now and again, to see and better understand the effort these riders put in. It’s all in the details.

A word from filmer & editor Ryan Finder about the video: 

Frank has a lot of drive to pursue many different aspects of snowboarding. After winning hot dogs and hand rails in the fall of 2017, he was asked to film his first real street part for Absinthe Films; a fact that would otherwise be unknown by watching his footage. He has the type of attitude that says more with his actions than by his words; which I particularly appreciate a lot. Frank is a beast! and definitely one of my favorites to watch on a board. So please enjoy.


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